I Binge-Watched Death Note For A Whole Day

Start: 12:04 A.M.

End: 6:15 P.M.

I read the first several volumes of manga in 2009, but I didn’t get to finish off the series. Perhaps I was too busy with school and soccer. Now here I am. On the last day of spring break, I decided to finish a series on the same day. I took one bathroom break and ate twice throughout the day. I even took a bath. I watched all 37 episodes holy hell. I started the pilot while cuddled up in bed late last night.

So there’s this super genius kid and finds this supernatural notebook that can kill people. He uses this magic book to kill criminals. When writing in this notebook, you write the name of the person you want to kill and you have to envision their face. The default cause of death is a heart attack. However, you can write details surrounding the deaths (death by accident, suicide, etc.) Neat!

Light Yagami, the beautiful evil genius.

Then Light meets a ‘shinigami,’ a god of death. His name is Ryuk. He likes apples. He has to be attached to Light’s hip until he dies or if the notebook is not in his possession anymore. The memories of the death note gets wiped from the owner’s memory. Only the people that touch the notebook can see the gods of death. Also, the shinigami can give their owner their eyes if the owner chooses to give up half of their remaining lifespan. Light don’t want dat doe.

Light gets a pet demon.

He gets tracked down by the police because obviously something is fishy when a bunch of bad guys die unexpectedly from a heart attack. A guy named L (We don’t get to hear his real name at all :/) tries to figure out how these people are dying. The Japanese people dub Light as ‘Kira’– the Japanese way of saying ‘killer (killa hehe). L is a super genius kid too. And he has a helper named Watari (the cutest old man ever). He’s literally like Batman, except with worse posture and he doesn’t fall in love with Catwoman. L doesn’t fall in love with anyone (well except… Light?) He’s super obsessed with finding out who Kira is. Fortunately, Light’s dad is the police chief. (Wow so convenient!)

L literally spies on Light and his family. The police chief is perfectly okay with it because L totally knows what he’s doing. Light and L become friends (I guess). L is still obsessed with Kira. Light wants to kill L, but he can’t blow his cover! Light works on the investigation alongside his father and L. Light has to be nice to L.

L practicing for Light

Suddenly there’s this girl who has another death notebook! She has a pet, just like Light. Rem, her shinigami, loves her a lot.

Misa Amane and her mom

Misa is infatuated with Light. She also has shinigami eyes! They team up and kill people together! Light kisses her. She literally becomes his bitch, willingly. Fifty Shades of Death.

L becomes suspicious of Light’s new bae. L arrests Misa. Misa gives up her notebook. Light plots this elaborate (completely crazy how he pulled this off) scheme. He gives up his notebook.

A few episodes later, there’s this ‘new’ Kira, a businessman who kills for his company’s benefit. He has Rem’s notebook and he tries to get with Misa. The police catches him. L and Light are in a helicopter. Everyone touches the death notebook and they see Rem. They try to shoot Rem (lol you can’t shoot a supernatural being). Light finally touches the notebook. He regains his memory and gets crazy af. He kills the businessman and a bunch of other people. (Important people die wa wa 😦 )

Light laughs maniacally a lil. Misa still remains his bitch.

Light then works for the police. Also, there’s this orphanage that grooms super geniuses like L. They’re going to find out Kira too.


Hello Mello. Near, you’re here. Mello (blonde kid who seemingly doesn’t have any cavities???) hella hates Near. He tries to compete with Near to see who kills Kira first.

Mello works for the Mafia and Near works for Amurica. Everything goes to shit. A lot of people die. The end. I think it’s better that I don’t spoil everything.


I love L. I love this disheveled Panda-looking Sherlock.

I wonder if the notebook caused defecation instead of death. It would be magnificent.

If I had a death note, I would go undetected. Who would assume that a regular high school senior is capable of killing hundreds of criminals? ..Oh wait.

I don’t understand how anyone can read Death Note without cheering for Light. He’s the tragic figure of an idealist corrupted by power, but his ultimate desire is to make the world a better place. L just wants to preserve the status quo’s definition of justice.

The thing is, the difference between Light and I is that he wants people to know who he is. I have no desire to hold power over everyone. I want to kill the horrible people for the lols, just like Ryuk.

Light, what an amateur. He only targeted those only in Japan. I would kill people all over the world and use different computers, encrypted of course. Since I’m going to be a normal college student, my schedule will be open. Additionally, with the rise of technology and information, I could better cover up the deaths with tragic accidents. A military despot, just passing by in his vehicle in the African plains, will get tragically mauled by a lion, or twelve. A wicked child molester will get stabbed by the kid he’s trying to rape. The possibilities are endless.

It is so unlikely that I will get found out.

Kayla is a slant rhyme to ‘Kira’ (Well, pronounced in a Japanese accent)

…. coincidence?


“…He was number one!”

I like to collect things. When I was little, I used to collect interesting rocks during my travels. Currently, my pressed penny collection is going strong (I visited the Reid Park Tucson Zoo last weekend! I was so excited that I found a penny machine!). I also inherited my late grandmother’s tiny ceramic figures. It never occurred to me that I should be collecting my thoughts. I always contemplated on making a blog about my thoughts and share my photos on them. As I lay here on my pillow-filled bed on a lazy Easter Sunday, I decided “hey, why not give it a go?”

I’m glad I’m typing out my first blog post. Hopefully I can keep this up. I’ve been journalling lately, so maybe I could put my thoughts out on the web as well as writing in my little journal. I’ve been quite cheerful nowadays. The past week was spring break and I am excited to finish off my senior year of high school. I want to keep this blog updated throughout the year. I would really like to find a nice digital camera so I could share high definition pictures of my friends and the places I go.

With this blog, I’ll be a better writer and thinker. I could unleash my ideas out on my personal website and making silly jokes. Hopefully I can be a great pun-maker. My friends know I’m good at making puns, but I just want to be great at it.

I hope that my writing has value and carries potential to influence others. It would be great to network with other people!

This concludes my first blog post. (Hence the silly Spongebob quote up above.)