The Home Stretch

My senior year is finally coming to a close. I want to keep writing about all my memories. Time has past so quickly. The first few sentences I just wrote seemed like the opening of a cliché coming-of-age movie.

I started out my last year of high school with a bang. I had all my friends and I took the classes I wanted to take. I was excited to apply to colleges. They weren’t really time-consuming. I literally did them all in one day in October and sent them all in November. I just did one and copy-pasted all the information to each one. The essays weren’t that different from one another.

College isn’t really a big deal as everyone says it is. It is essentially high school with more freedom. It’ll be all hyped up in the first couple months and then the fun will die down.

Can’t believe that I’m turning 18 in a few days. It’s insane how fast time has gone by. I should probably figure out how I’m going to celebrate. I also need to save up some money.


“…He was number one!”

I like to collect things. When I was little, I used to collect interesting rocks during my travels. Currently, my pressed penny collection is going strong (I visited the Reid Park Tucson Zoo last weekend! I was so excited that I found a penny machine!). I also inherited my late grandmother’s tiny ceramic figures. It never occurred to me that I should be collecting my thoughts. I always contemplated on making a blog about my thoughts and share my photos on them. As I lay here on my pillow-filled bed on a lazy Easter Sunday, I decided “hey, why not give it a go?”

I’m glad I’m typing out my first blog post. Hopefully I can keep this up. I’ve been journalling lately, so maybe I could put my thoughts out on the web as well as writing in my little journal. I’ve been quite cheerful nowadays. The past week was spring break and I am excited to finish off my senior year of high school. I want to keep this blog updated throughout the year. I would really like to find a nice digital camera so I could share high definition pictures of my friends and the places I go.

With this blog, I’ll be a better writer and thinker. I could unleash my ideas out on my personal website and making silly jokes. Hopefully I can be a great pun-maker. My friends know I’m good at making puns, but I just want to be great at it.

I hope that my writing has value and carries potential to influence others. It would be great to network with other people!

This concludes my first blog post. (Hence the silly Spongebob quote up above.)