What have I done???

I am so disappointed in myself. I haven’t done much at all. I don’t remember seeing sunlight anymore.

I traveled a bunch in the first part of summer and now it’s been a downhill. I should just unwind a bit and be okay.

Additionally, I haven’t been updating this like I should be. I should get in that habit again. I tried doing Habitica, the app that turns your life into an RPG. So far it is working out alright. I’m not doing much anyway and I should get on a sleep schedule again just for college. :’)

Life is going alright. My friends and I are about to go our separate ways in just a few weeks. This is just like some kind of coming-of-age indie movie about teenage girls and love and whatnot.

My sims family is going great. I think I’ll write about them here. I need to take pictures and stuff.

Anyway, I will start blogging more and more to keep my sanity and work on my writing skills. It’ll be good. Farewell.


Went to Cali!

End of June, beginning of July. Fam and I went to California. It was just my dad, brother, and me traveling north. We went to Reno/Lake Tahoe first. I’m not sure if it’s Nevada or California?

The water was beautiful! We went biking. It was such a majestic sight.

After that we went to San Jose. It was a nice family reunion.

I had to drop off my dad and bro to LAX so we had a nice trip to Venice Beach and had fun with the sights and scenery.

I love this ❤

I had to say goodbye to my brother and dad 😦 I won’t see them for a whole month oh man. I drove back home alone and it was stressful and hot. 6-hour drives are nothing to me after that frightful desert expedition.

My friends and I planned a trip to Newport Beach. I’ve never taken a trip with just my friends, but it was a great time ❤

They thought the sunset was pretty but I thought their backsides were prettier <333



beach bunnies

California is a nice state with nice beaches. People are questionable though. I hope to go again soon.


Is 18 Great?

Whelp. I am officially 18 years old and I am about to be a college student. I am not sure what to do with my life, frankly.

Celebrated with friends the night before my birthday. It was pretty neat.

I can finally go to a strip club hooray!
First official pic of eighteen-year old me 🙂

Now that I’m an adult, I could do multitudes of things that I couldn’t do as a minor! Most of the time I don’t feel any different after birthdays because nothing really changes, but this time is an important milestone. Wow, in the eyes of the law, I am an ADULT! (even though I still look 12…)

I could…

  • Get a tattoo (nah)
  • Buy a pack of smokes (wot)
  • Vote (hahahahaha)
  • Book a hotel room (it’s stressful…)
  • Drink (in other countries)
  • Get married (nope)
  • Purchase porn (why would people buy it when it’s available for free online???)
  • Skydive (soon this will be accomplished!)
  • Buy a lottery ticket (funny story, in Nashville a bunch of kids and I went to the gas station at night and three of us bought lottery tickets for $1 and I won. I got $5 wowowow!)

I hope the new experiences of adulthood can better me as a person!


The Home Stretch

My senior year is finally coming to a close. I want to keep writing about all my memories. Time has past so quickly. The first few sentences I just wrote seemed like the opening of a cliché coming-of-age movie.

I started out my last year of high school with a bang. I had all my friends and I took the classes I wanted to take. I was excited to apply to colleges. They weren’t really time-consuming. I literally did them all in one day in October and sent them all in November. I just did one and copy-pasted all the information to each one. The essays weren’t that different from one another.

College isn’t really a big deal as everyone says it is. It is essentially high school with more freedom. It’ll be all hyped up in the first couple months and then the fun will die down.

Can’t believe that I’m turning 18 in a few days. It’s insane how fast time has gone by. I should probably figure out how I’m going to celebrate. I also need to save up some money.