What have I done???

I am so disappointed in myself. I haven’t done much at all. I don’t remember seeing sunlight anymore.

I traveled a bunch in the first part of summer and now it’s been a downhill. I should just unwind a bit and be okay.

Additionally, I haven’t been updating this like I should be. I should get in that habit again. I tried doing Habitica, the app that turns your life into an RPG. So far it is working out alright. I’m not doing much anyway and I should get on a sleep schedule again just for college. :’)

Life is going alright. My friends and I are about to go our separate ways in just a few weeks. This is just like some kind of coming-of-age indie movie about teenage girls and love and whatnot.

My sims family is going great. I think I’ll write about them here. I need to take pictures and stuff.

Anyway, I will start blogging more and more to keep my sanity and work on my writing skills. It’ll be good. Farewell.



Author: kaymur

More bubbly than soap

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